What Is The Difference Between Call Girls And Escorts

Call girls and escort girls are all prostitutes. This is basically because they offer sexual services for a certain amount of fee.

However, the major difference is in the word call. If you request for a girl in an agency and she is brought to you she is simply referred to as a call girl.

Call girls are high class and are only delivered on requests. A majority of the call girls love what they do and that is why they have gained a name within the agency.

The other thing you need to note about the call girls is that they select few but long-term clients who are even bound to pamper them with gifts.

On the other hand, regular escorts aim at getting as many clients as possible. Call girls are more reserved and are close to high-class escorts who are more reserved. Call girls are more about enjoying the moment while on the other hand escorts are more about the money. They will book as many clients as possible to be in a position to earn as much money as they can.

A majority of the call girls are intelligent and have pursued high-level degrees. They have other jobs and do this services to explore their sexual prowess and meet different people and cultures.

More to that, a majority of the call girls are very beautiful. In fact, there are quite a big number of call girls who are models.

The other thing you need to know is that a majority of the call girls are very keen on their clients. Depending on your country, there are websites that help to review clients. These websites help call girls to know what type of client you are.

If you have had problems with other women, it would be very hard for you to get the best call girl. This is because they hate a client who offers a bad service or had a problem with other customers.

Though call girls are perceived to be high class, they also divide themselves into categories, there are girls who are perceived to be more high class than others.

There are a number of things that make one call girl a higher class than others. One factor is l; language she is able to talk in. The second factor that determines categories of escorts is the level of education and profession. The other factor is a beauty. There are quite a big number of call girls who compete as models in their respective levels.

Some websites that you can find call girl services include:





and many more depending on your wish and location.


The first major difference between an escort and a call girl is display. Unlike normal escorts, it is hard to find pictures of call girls anywhere.

A majority of the call girls do not have a website. This is simply because they work under agencies to fulfil requests from high-end clients.

Some call girls work by meeting people and slowly as advertising their services. They market themselves in a more discrete manner. They go to high-end parties where they are bound to meet huge clients who have a lot of money and are likely to give them handsome returns.


They are regarded as special and minimally used and work under the agency marketing services. The agencies are able to look for lucrative contracts for the call girls. They in return get a lot of money from the call girl.

Simply, this is how the agency service works. The agency looks for a well-paying client. A majority of the agencies want the call girl to appear self- employed due to legal issues.

The call girl charges the amount of money they agree with the client. After the service, the escort remits some money to the agency.

If she fails, she is blacklisted from the agency. However, a majority of call girls have created trust with the agency and hence it is rare for them to destroy their reputation.


The other distinguishing factor between the call girl and a normal escort is the flexibility. Since call girls are arranged for special requests, they are very flexible.

On the other hand, you find escorts are generally not flexible. A majority of the escorts have their private residencies where they prefer to offer their services.


A majority of the call girls are very young. They are between the ages of 20 and 25 years. On the other hand, escorts are between the ages of 20 and 27 years.

This is because the call girls are the image of the agency. Hence the cal girls are carefully selected to bring a good image to the agency since they show what the agency can offer. In fact, the call girls even help to show what type of escorts that the escort service can offer.

They look for young girls who are ready to try out new things and are not rigid to change.

Call Girls Are Better but expensive

Agencies like topescortbabes.com/are very keen on the discipline of their escorts. A girl who is disciplined and has good manners rises up the ranks.

Before an agency makes you a call girl it must ensure that you are disciplined. A bad call girl is obviously going to destroy the name of the agency.

So when you are dealing with a call girl from an agency, the probability that she is going to give you a good service is very high.

This is because the agency will not just select any girl and send to you.

However, the call girls are more expensive than other escort girls. This is simply because the client is sure of a good service. Their flexibility and immediate response also make their prices bulge.

Average escorts charge an average of 150 Euros per hour.

However, for call girls, you will have to cough more than 300 Euros for call girls. The other thing you need to know is those call girls are usually even available for trips.